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Report For The Month Of June 2018-19

“"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"”

Indus Valley thanks all the parents for having faith in us We had the following activities for the month of June 2018

  • On 5th June, we celebrated ‘ENVIRONMENTAL DAY’ where our Second PUC students had went on a procession around the college, to create awareness in the public regarding the same about our environment.

  • On 6th June, we had First PUC Inauguration Ceremony to welcome our fresher’s with the introduction of the Lecturers, Rules and regulation of college, etc.

  • On 20th of June, we had II Round Test for second PUC students conducted from 20.06.2018 to 27.06.2018. Respective Marks Statement has been enclosed for your perusal.

We had the 'Indus Election' on 30.06.2018 and the results are as follows

Post Name
College President Rinku Mushahary
College Vice President HariPrasad US
Secretary Girls Swathi S
Secretary Boys Naresh S

We are conducting the bridge course test for 1st PUC class from 4th to 7th July for 25 marks to revise and assess on important topics.

Report For The Month Of July 2018-19

" A Child’s Life Is Like a Piece Of Paper On Which Every Person Leaves a Mark..."

Greetings From Indus Valley Institution

We take pride in penning down the events conducted in the month of July- 2018

  • On 11th of July, there was a KABBADI National Level Selection, where our boys participated in it.
  • On 14th of July, We celebrated FRESHERS DAY, where the seniors welcomed the juniors followed by an array of programmes.
  • We had the College Team Selection of Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Throw Ball, and Kabbadi & Athletics for boys and Throw Ball & Athletics for Girls.
  • From 23 of July, we had 3rd Round Test for II PUC and 1st Round Test for I PUC.

Report For The Month Of August 2018-19

“One who has the true spirit of sacrifice gives to others without any hesitation or reservation, smilingly and gladly, even his dearest and highest possession.”

Very Warm greetings from INDUS VALLEY INSTITUTION

We take immense pleasure to announce the events in the month of August – 2018

  • On 10.08.2018, we had a PTM for 1 st & 2 nd PUC, where all the parents met the teachers to know their ward’s performance.

The Following sports activites took place for District Level 2018 – 19, where our Students participated in the following games and their achievements are as follows

Date Games Places
23.08.2018 Chess Competition Won 10th Place For Boys&Girls
27.08.2018 Volley Ball Reached Quarter Finals
29.08.2018 Karate Won 2nd Place
  • We also celebrated the Independence Day on 15.08.2018.
  • The Mid-Term Examination for 2nd PUC&Second Round Test for 1st PUC will commence from 07.09.2018.

Report For The Month Of September 2018-19

“Make the fullest of your talents as long as you can & pitch the tent nearer for goal, when darkness falls”

Indus Valley Wishes all the Parents a Happy Dussehra Festival.

We Take This Opportunity to Announce the Happenings in the Month Of September.

The Following Sports activities took place at the District Level 2018 – 19, where our students participated in the following games and their achievements are as follows:

Date Games Places
19.09.2018 Kho-Kho Lost In 2nd Match
11.09.2018 Kabbadi Lost In Semi Finals
26.09.2018 Throw Ball(Girls) Lost In Semi Finals
26.09.2018 Throw Ball(Boys) Lost In 2nd Match
1.09.2018 Shuttle Badminton Lost In 2nd Match
3.09.2018 Foot Ball Lost In 2nd Match
  • On 25.09.2018, our college students celebrated “Teachers Day” in a grand way.
  • We have conducted the Mid-Term Examination for II PUC&2nd Round Test for I PUC from 07.09.2018 to 17.09.2018.

The Mid-Term Examination for First PUC will commence from 25.10.2018.

Report For The Month Of October 2018-19

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning. But anyone can start today and make a new ending."

Indus Valley in advance wishes all the parents “HAPPY DEEPAVALI & KANNADA RAJYOTSAVA”

We Proudly Lay Before You Events For the Month of October

On 07.09.2018 We have Conducted the Mid-term Exam.

  • On 25th Oct, we will be conducting Mid term Exam for First PUC.

Report For The Month Of November 2018-19

“Believe in yourself, first. Then Believe in the Lord. When you have Faith in these two, Neither the Good nor the Bad will Affect you”.


We the team of INDUS VALLEY is keen to announce the happenings for the month of NOVEMBER. On 16.11.2018, we had celebrated “Children’s Day & Kannada Rajyotsava” followed by the distribution of prizes for the winners.

  • There will be Second Preparatory Exam for II PUC from 14.12.2018.
  • On 30.11.2018 we had a spectacular event of “Sports Day” held in Hoskote Ground. The events&prizes grabbed by the students are as follows

Group Events

Event Boys Winners Boys Runners-Up Girls Winners Girls Runners-Up
Throw Ball - - Kaveri Team TungaBhadra Team
Kho Kho - - Sindhu Team Yamuna Team
Volley Ball Mourya Team Chalukya Team - -
Kabbadi Cholas Team Rashtrakuta Team - -
Basket Ball Kadhamba Mourya Team - -
Cricket Hoysala Team Rashtrakuta Team - -

Athletics For Boys

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100m B Wirob Yashwanth R Jithendra
200m Nandish S N Venkat Pawan Ankush Kumar
400m Nandish Likith C Ayyaraj
800m Karthik D Uday Kiran Rahul
Shot Put Guru Babu Jeet Mandal Harhvardhan
Discuss Throw Karthik D B Wirob Shankar S

Athletics For Girls

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100m Meghana Durga T M Latha Bai
200m Meghana Sindhu Rama Bhavana P
400m Sri Durga Durga T M Jyothi S
800m Latha Bai Sri Durga Jyothi S
Shot Put Anuradha Soujanaya Alifiya
Discuss Throw Alifiya Anuradha Neha

Report For The Month Of December 2018-19

“If you know the Road and the Goal, then you can Discover Whether you are Progressing or Not”

INDUS VALLEY GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS wishes all the parents in advance, ‘A HAPPY NEW YEAR’

INDUS VALLEY Seeks Pleasure to Announce the Activities for the Month of December – 2018.

Our College Students had Participated in the National Level Tournament which was Conducted by “Karnataka Free Shoot Ball Amateur Association” from 23.12.2018 to 27.12.2018. We are Proud to Announce that

  • Shreyas.V
  • Chethan Gowda S
  • Vikas.R

From Our College (1st PU Stream) had Participated in the Tournament and Won the Overall Championship.

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